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Individual Personal Training Programs

Are you looking to lose weight? Transform your shape? Improve your overall fitness or increase your athletic performance? Are you looking for the support and motivation to be your best? Then you've come to the right place. Our individualized, private, and comprehensive personal training programs are designed to work fast and to give you the skills you need to stay fit for a lifetime. Regardless of your age, weight or physical condition, you can lose fat, get fit, and have the body you've always dreamed of! 

  • One-on-one personal training in our state-of-the-art private studios

  • Train for two or three hours per week, by appointment and on your schedule

  • Train by yourself or with a friend, and always with the same trainer

  • Your trainer will be devoted to you, your needs, and your goals

  • We won't spend a single minute on exercises that don't deliver the results you expect

  • Be completely satisfied or get your money back - no questions asked

Teen girl saying why she loves personal training at Body by Design

Youth and Teen Training Programs

For teens and pre-teens, we offer a special version of our personal training program that focuses not only on strength, diet and conditioning, but also education, decision-making and positive self-esteem. We are also the only studio in the state able to serve special populations - such as those with eating disorders - with the services of our staff Performance Psychiatrist. Our teen programs are motivating, challenging and fun. Special restrictions apply and availability is limited. Please call for an in-depth consultation.

  • Train with an experienced age-matched role model and mentor, not just a coach

  • Avoid the crowds and intimidation that go along with the gym or team experience.

  • Focus on building self-confidence and self-esteem while building strength 

  • Special therapist and physican-assisted programs for clients with active eating  or anxiety disorders

  • Programs appropriate for kids on the spectrum

Senior adult couple happy over their sucess at Body by Design

Older Adult Comprehensive Health and Fitness Programs

  • Work with trainers certified and experienced in fitness for older adults

  • Real exercise for your needs - we take you seriously and train you accordingly

Are you a little older (and wiser) and wondering what it takes for you to get healthier and more fit? Have you been told by a doctor you need to exercise to lose weight, improve your heart, or build stronger bones? Do you wonder if your conditions will even allow you to exercise? We've been certified specialists in older adult health and fitness for over 14 years! Let us show you how this can be the healthiest and most fit time of your life regardless of your age or medical conditions.

  • We accommodate health issues or restrictions without compromising your workout

  • Work hard, but we have fun while you do it

  • We give you the tools to look and feel your best at every age