Frequently Asked Questions

See our answers to the most commonly asked questions about personal training at Body by Design and learn how working out with us will make a positive difference in your body and in your life.  

What exactly is personal training?

Personal training is a way of exercising where a client works directly with an experienced fitness professional to achieve a variety of individual goals, including weight loss, body sculpting, increased strength and better overall health. The personal trainer provides constant instruction and motivation to the client for the entire duration of each training session (usually an hour). Personal Training is the fastest way to achieve lasting resultfrom exercise because it is, precise, efficient, focused and safe – there is no wasted time or energy.

What's it like inside your studios?

At Body by Design appointments are required for you to workout. A personal trainer guides you through every workout to assure you get results every time. We even make it fun along the way!

Here, you’ll find no crowds, no unwelcome stares, and nothing to make you feel self-conscious. Our facility is new, spotless and completely state-of-the-art. There are no memberships or contracts either - just buy the number of sessions you wish to use and watch your dreams become reality.

How soon will I start to see results?

If you are diligent and keep your appointments, you should start to feel results in just a week or two. First, you'll notice that you are stronger on each visit. After about four weeks of hard work, your cloths will fit differently in a noticeable way. At twelve weeks, your progress will be apparent to your friends, family and colleague. Many clients report achieving their initial goals with us in under six months.

How much does personal training cost?

Personal training is not inexpensive anywhere you go - that's why you deserve to get the most for your money - and at Body by Design you do! At $60 an hour, we are far less expensive than large gyms like the YMCA or Crunch and you get so much more value with us. Clients pay on average about $460 per month to train here. That's less than the cost of expensive diet plans like Nutrisystem® - and you can't get a hard body from just a diet. And if you are not completely satisfied for any reason, we'll refund your money - gauranteed.

Fitness training with us is purchased in packages consisting of a particular number of sessions, and the more sessions purchased the greater your savings. We offer an interest-free monthly payment plan with no contracts and a generous refund policy. There are no hidden fees and no problems.

We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and automatic bank account debit.

Why don't I do well when I try working out on my own?

Probably the simplest reason is illustrated by theses statistics: Over 92% of people who own exercise equipment and 88% of people with gym memberships DO NOT EXERCISE. The sad truth of human nature is that when we are left to our own devices, most of us cannot seem to find the time, energy or motivation to exercise on a regular basis. Even for those who do find the time, knowing what exercises actually work – not to mention how to do them properly and safely - can be nearly impossible.

How experienced are your personal trainers?

Most people are shocked to learn that anyone can call themselves a personal trainer without any credentials at all! Most so-called personal trainers at big gyms are not certified by a recognized and accredited organization. In fact, the majority have not even been subjected to a criminal background check. Even if a trainer holds a legitimate certification, they may still have little or no practical experience. Do you want to be the client they practice on? Don't place your safety and fitness in the hands of an inexperienced amateur!

For your trainer, set the same standards as we do at Body by Design - a college degree, at least one certification from a nationally accredited organization like the American Council of Exercise, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, or the American Fitness Professionals Association, and a minimum of five years of experience in actually training clients.