Your Complementary Training Package Includes a...

Personal Consultation

You'll start with a private meeting with the personal trainer selected just for you. You'll learn about our system and methods, and we'll learn about your history, your prior experiences and, most importantly, your goals and dreams.

Body Composition Test

We'll perform a detailed analysis of your body to gather baseline data on your weight, body fat percentage, body water weight, base-rate metabolism and more on our computerized analyzer - and you'll leave with a printed report.

Nutritional  Assessment

During your consultation, we'll discuss in detail your diet, your habits, and your eating style. We'll explain to you the strategies and systems we'll use to help you reach your goals and to change your relationship with food forever.

One-Hour Personal Training Session

You'll experience our premier personal training first-hand with a one-hour session using a routine built just for you, and appropriate for your level of fitness and experience. You'll get some real exercise and have some real fun too!

Exclusive Purchase Discounts

We'll give you exclusive discounts on our personal training services and packages - which are already the best value in raleigh - just for taking the time to come in and learn more about our proven system for fitness success.

Private Newsletter Subscription

Supercharge your workout, diet and fitness routines with a complementary subscription to our exclusive weekly E-mail newsletter. You'll get exclusive access to insider-only fitness tips and learn about our events and promotions. 


"A year from now you'll wish you had started today..."

Anne T.

Client Since 2016

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